One of the most frustrating factors with spring showers and warmer weather is all the weeds that pop up out of no where. They don’t really magically appear, though. They come from seed that has blown in over the previous season and with a little water, they flourish.


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It also amazes me that weeds seem to do well no matter what the circumstance.  It can be extremely hot and dry and yet they still thrive; torrential downpour and they really boom.

So what it comes down to is basically just controlling them, because you are never going to get rid of them completely. To do that, though, you have to either spend time pulling weeds or you have to spray weed killer.

If you chose to spray, then you need to be very careful. Follow the directions on the label and wear proper safety equipment. If your weed problem is minimal, spot spraying is best, as described in the following post:

How to Eliminate Weeds From Your Grass | The Family Handyman

Spot-kill weeds with a small pressure sprayer

No matter how lush and healthy your lawn is, a few isolated weeds will pop up. That doesn’t call for whole-yard treatment. Instead, spot-treat the weeds with a small, trigger- controlled, pump-up pressure sprayer (Photo 1). After pouring in the diluted herbicide, you pump up the pressure with a little plunger and then pull the trigger to release the spray right on the culprits.

How to Eliminate Weeds From Your Grass | The Family Handyman

White Vinegar

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I don’t like spraying toxic chemicals. I always worry about getting it on myself as well as the animals being exposed to it. Here in Colorado, it’s not easy to find a day with no wind, which is really important so you don’t have the chemicals drifting onto you or plants that you don’t want to kill.

There are a lot of recipes online for organic weed killers. The ingredients that keep showing up on search are vinegar, Epsom salt, and blue dishwashing soap. The last component isn’t exactly organic, as this type of soap has some chemicals in it.

However, it is much less toxic that your average herbicide you can buy at the store. The following video shows the results after spraying a stone walkway with these elements:

I don’t think that the above spray will always kill the plants clear to the roots, so you may have to reapply. For more stubborn weeds, it may take extra spray, but I still feel like it is a better alternative.

If you do decide to use chemical spray, it is critical that you are using herbicides safely. As mentioned above, wearing the proper clothing, doing it on a calm day, and storing the herbicide in a protected area are all essential.

The first and most important aspect is making sure you read the label for all instructions and warnings. Many times, the label becomes unreadable after the container has sat for a long period of time, requiring you to search online for the directions.

The next article discusses the importance of the label as a legal document:

Using Herbicides Safely

The Importance of the Label

No pesticide or herbicide product may be sold in the U.S. until the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has approved every aspect of the label.

Spraying weeds

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The term “pesticide”, depending on how it is used, can be either a specific or general term. When used as a general term, it can refer to any pest control products including insecticides, rodenticides, herbicides or fungicides.

The label is a legal document and contains a lot of information. Any label addendums printed after the label was attached will supersede the label. The addendums will usually be on a specific section of the label.

Pesticide and herbicide users are required by law to comply with all the instructions and directions on the label.

Read the full post here:  Using Herbicides Safely

Again, if the label is missing or has become hard to read, you can go to the company website and find instructions. If all else fails, find a number to call and speak with a customer representative. If you do get some chemicals on your skin, wash the area with soap and water immediately.